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Hoop-Round   2-Pack Round Edge Embroidery Hoops
Hoop-Oval   3-Pack OVAL Embroidery Hoops
Hoop-Straight   6-Pack Straight Edge Embroidery Hoops
Rib-AR   Almost Rose Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-ARO   Almost Rose Wool Felt Roll
SH-AR   Almost Rose Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Roll
SH-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-AM   Aqua Mist - 3mm
Rib-AQM   Aqua Mist Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AQM   Aqua Mist Wool Felt Roll
SH-AQM   Aqua Mist Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Roll
SH-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-ARM   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-ARM   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Roll
SH-ARC   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AV   Avocado Smith Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AVO   Avocado Wool Felt Roll
SH-AVO   Avocado Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-AZ   Azure - 3mm
Rib-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Roll
SH-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BAB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Roll
SH-BAB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Roll
SH-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BE   Berry Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BE   Berry Wool Felt Roll
SH-BE   Berry Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-BL   Black - 3mm
Rib-BL   Black Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BL   Black Wool Felt Roll
SH-BL   Black Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BG   Bright Green Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BRI   Bright Green Wool Felt Roll
SH-BRI   Bright Green Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BR   Brown Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BR   Brown Wool Felt Roll
SH-BR   Brown Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BCP   Buttercup Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BUC   Buttercup Wool Felt Roll
SH-BUT   Buttercup Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Roll
SH-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Roll
SH-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Sheet
DIE-CP   Carnation & Poppy Die
Rib-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Roll
SH-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Sheet
Roll-Cement   Cement Roll
Rib-CEM   Cement Wool Felt Ribbon
SH-CEM   Cement Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-CH-0004   Charcoal - 3mm - 3mm - 36" X 36" [$70.00]
Rib-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Roll
SH-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Roll
SH-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Sheet
Card   Color Card
Rib-COP   Coral Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-PCO   Coral Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-COP   Coral Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Roll
SH-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Sheet
DIE-DM   Daisy & Mum Dies
3mm-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige - 3mm
Rib-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige Wool Felt Roll
SH-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-DHG   Dark Heather Gray - 3mm
Rib-DHG   Dark Heather Gray Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-DHG   Dark Heather Gray Wool Felt Roll
SH-DHG   Dark Heather Gray Wool Felt Sheet
Cutter   Die Cutting Machine
DIY-ACORN   DIY - Acorn Ornaments
DIY-Candy-Cane   DIY - Candy Cane Garland
Kit-Heart   DIY Felt Hearts
Kit-Star   DIY Felt Stars
Kit-Taylor   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Cheery Taylor
Kit-Hayden   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Hayden & Friend
Kit-Matt   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Huggable Matt
Kit-Aidan   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Playful Aidan
Kit-Siena   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Siena & Friend
Kit-Emma   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Sweet Emma
Ball-ACORN   Felt Balls - Acorns
Ball-AM   Felt Balls - Aquamarine
Ball-AQDS   Felt Balls - Aquamarine Dots & Swirls
Ball-AU   Felt Balls - Autumn Set
Ball-AV   Felt Balls - Avocado
Ball-BO   Felt Balls - Bittersweet Orange
Ball-BSDS   Felt Balls - Bittersweet Orange Dots & Swirls
Ball-BDS   Felt Balls - Black Dots & Swirls
Ball-BJ   Felt Balls - Blue Jay
Ball-BL   Felt Balls - Blue Violet
Ball-BGDS   Felt Balls - Bright Green Dots & Swirls
Ball-BS   Felt Balls - Burnt Sienna
Ball-CHD   Felt Balls - Christmas Dots
Ball-CHI   Felt Balls - Christmas Set
Ball-CHS   Felt Balls - Christmas Swirl
Ball-CLC   Felt Balls - Classic Christmas
Ball-COP   Felt Balls - Coral Pink
Ball-CCDS   Felt Balls - Cotton Candy Dots & Swirls
Ball-CL   Felt Balls - Crystal Blue
Ball-CYDS   Felt Balls - Cyan Dots & Swirls
Ball-DPDS   Felt Balls - Dark Pink Dots & Swirls
Ball-EM   Felt Balls - Emerald
Ball-FR   Felt Balls - Fern
Ball-FE   Felt Balls - Fiesta Set
Ball-GGDS   Felt Balls - Grass Green Dots & Swirls
Ball-JE   Felt Balls - Jewel Set
Ball-BIG   Felt Balls - Jumbo Balls
Ball-JG   Felt Balls - Jungle Green
Ball-LA   Felt Balls - Lava
Ball-LB   Felt Balls - Light Blue
Ball-LBDS   Felt Balls - Light Blue Dots & Swirls
Ball-MIX   Felt Balls - Mix n' Match
Ball-MI   Felt Balls - Mixed Set
Ball-MC   Felt Balls - Modern Christmas
Ball-MO   Felt Balls - Modern Set
Ball-OR   Felt Balls - Orchid Set
Ball-PAP   Felt Balls - Papaya
Ball-PPDS   Felt Balls - Papaya Dots & Swirls
Ball-PCDS   Felt Balls - Pink Coral Dots & Swirls
Ball-PI   Felt Balls - Pinkalicious Set
Ball-PS   Felt Balls - Pistachio
Ball-PR   Felt Balls - Princess Set
Ball-PDS   Felt Balls - Purple Dots & Swirls
Ball-R1DS   Felt Balls - Red Dots & Swirls
Ball-R2DS   Felt Balls - Red Dots & Swirls #2
Ball-RP   Felt Balls - Retro Pink
Ball-SF   Felt Balls - Saffron
Ball-SFDS   Felt Balls - Saffron Dots & Swirls
Ball-SDS   Felt Balls - Sangria Dots & Swirls
Ball-SG   Felt Balls - Shades of Gray Set
Ball-SK   Felt Balls - Sky Set
Ball-SLDS   Felt Balls - Slate Dots & Swirls
Ball-SM   Felt Balls - Soft Mint
Ball-SB   Felt Balls - Sunburst Set
Ball-SO   Felt Balls - Sweet Orchid
Ball-SWP   Felt Balls - Sweet Pastels
Ball-TEAL   Felt Balls - Teal
Ball-THDS   Felt Balls - Thistle Dots & Swirls
Ball-TF   Felt Balls - Tutti Frutti
Ball-TFDS   Felt Balls - Tutti Frutti Dots & Swirls
Ball-VAL   Felt Balls - Valentine
Ball-YGDS   Felt Balls - Yellow Green Dots & Swirls
Ball-AR   Felt Balls - Antique Rose
Ball-AQ   Felt Balls - Aqua
Ball-AS   Felt Balls - Ash
Ball-BA   Felt Balls - Barley
Ball-BI   Felt Balls - Bisque
Ball-BITTY   Felt Balls - Bitty
Ball-BLK   Felt Balls - Black
Ball-BH   Felt Balls - Black Herringbone
Ball-BP   Felt Balls - Bold Pink
Ball-BG   Felt Balls - Bright Green
Ball-BB   Felt Balls - Brilliant Blue
Ball-BR   Felt Balls - Brilliant Rose
Ball-BT   Felt Balls - Brown Tweed
Ball-CY   Felt Balls - Canary Yellow
Ball-CP   Felt Balls - Candy Pink
Ball-CAB   Felt Balls - Carribean Blue
Ball-CR   Felt Balls - Carrot
Ball-CHO   Felt Balls - Chocolate
Ball-CB   Felt Balls - Cocoa Brown
Ball-CF   Felt Balls - Cornflower
Ball-COC   Felt Balls - Cotton Candy
Ball-CYN   Felt Balls - Cyan
Ball-DC   Felt Balls - Dark Coral
Ball-DKM   Felt Balls - Dark Magenta
Ball-DO   Felt Balls - Dark Orange
Ball-DPE   Felt Balls - Dark Peacock
Ball-DAP   Felt Balls - Dark Pink
Ball-DE   Felt Balls - Denim
Ball-DP   Felt Balls - Dusty Pink
Ball-DW   Felt Balls - Dusty White
Ball-GR   Felt Balls - Granite
Ball-GG   Felt Balls - Grass Green
Ball-HP   Felt Balls - Hot Pink
Ball-ID   Felt Balls - Ice Daiquiri
Ball-ITTY   Felt Balls - Itty Bitty
Ball-ITTY-0001   Felt Balls - Itty Bitty - Dusty White
Ball-ITTY-0004   Felt Balls - Itty Bitty - Red

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