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Hoop-Round   2-Pack Round Edge Embroidery Hoops
Hoop-Oval   3-Pack OVAL Embroidery Hoops
35mm-Pointy-Alligator   35mm Pointy Alligator w/Teeth
35mm-Pointy-Alligator-0001   35mm Pointy Alligator w/Teeth - Rose Gold
Hoop-3mm   3mm Felt Embroidery Hoops
40mm-Star-Clip   40mm Star Snap Clips
40mm-Tear-Drop-Snap   40mm Tear Drop Snap Clip
45mDouble-Prong-Alligator-Clip   45mm Double Prong Alligator Clip
45mm-Pointy-Alligator   45mm Pointy Alligator
47mm-Double-Prong-Alligator   47mm Double Prong Alligator Clip with Teeth
50mm-Oval   50mm Oval Snap Clips
50mm-Tear-Drop   50mm Tear Drop Snap Clips
Hoop-Straight   6-Pack Straight Edge Embroidery Hoops
AdhesiveAddOn   Adhesive Add-On
AGF-AfternoonTeaPlaid   Afternoon Tea Plaid
Rib-AR   Almost Rose Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-ARO   Almost Rose Wool Felt Roll
SH-AR   Almost Rose Wool Felt Sheet
Chunky-Amazonite   Amazonite
Chunky-AmberRose   Amber Rose
BowAmethyst   Amethyst Bows
Rib-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Roll
SH-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Sheet
tulleaqua   Aqua Gold Star Tulle
3mm-AM   Aqua Mist - 3mm
Rib-AQM   Aqua Mist Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AQM   Aqua Mist Wool Felt Roll
SH-AQM   Aqua Mist Wool Felt Sheet
tasselaqua   Aqua Tassel Trim
Rib-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Roll
SH-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-ARM   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-ARM   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Roll
SH-ARC   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AV   Avocado Smith Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AVO   Avocado Wool Felt Roll
SH-AVO   Avocado Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-AZ   Azure - 3mm
Rib-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Roll
SH-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BAB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Roll
SH-BAB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-BP   Baby Pink - 3mm
BabyPinkLaceFelt   Baby Pink Lace Felt
Rib-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Sheet
AGF-Bachlorette-Fusion   BachloretteFusion
Rib-BS   Banana Split Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BS   Banana Split Wool Felt Roll
SH-BS   Banana Split Wool Felt Sheet
AGF-BeMerry   Be Merry
BowBeMerry   Be Merry Bows
Rib-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Roll
SH-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BE   Berry Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BE   Berry Wool Felt Roll
SH-BE   Berry Wool Felt Sheet
Rifle-LF-BirchFloralPeriwinkle   Birch Floral Periwinkle
3mm-BL   Black - 3mm
GlitterFelt-Black   Black Glitter Felt
tulleblack   Black Gold Star Tulle
BlackLaceFelt   Black Lace Felt
Chunky-BlackLaceGlitter   Black Lace Glitter
Chunky-BlackPanther   Black Panther
FLeather-BlackPlaidPrint   BLACK PLAID Printed Leather
Chunky-BlackTie   Black Tie
Rib-BL   Black Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BL   Black Wool Felt Roll
SH-BL   Black Wool Felt Sheet
Chunky-BloodOrange   Blood Orange
Chunky-BlueFrost   Blue Frost
3mm-BlueJeans   Blue Jeans - 3mm
Chunky-BlueLaceGlitter   Blue Lace Glitter
Chunky-BlueberryPie   Blueberry Pie
Chunky-BlushFrost   Blush Frost
GlitterFelt-Blush   Blush Glitter Felt
Chunky-BlushingBride   Blushing Bride
Chunky-BlushingPink   Blushing Pink
Kaufman-BouquetBlossom   Bouquet Blossom
FLeather-MatteTextBrightBlue   BRIGHT BLUE Matte Textured
Rib-BG   Bright Green Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BRI   Bright Green Wool Felt Roll
SH-BRI   Bright Green Wool Felt Sheet
FLeather-MatteTextBrightPink   BRIGHT PINK Matte Textured
tasselbrightred   Bright Red Tassel Trim
FLeather-MatteTextBrightYellow   BRIGHT YELLOW Matte Textured
GlitterFelt-Brown   Brown Glitter Felt
BrownLaceFelt   Brown Lace Felt
Rib-BR   Brown Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BR   Brown Wool Felt Roll
SH-BR   Brown Wool Felt Sheet
BrushedMetallicFelt   Brushed Metallic Felt
GlitterFelt-Burgundy   Burgundy Glitter Felt
ButtercupLaceFelt   Buttercup Lace Felt
Rib-BCP   Buttercup Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BUC   Buttercup Wool Felt Roll
SH-BUT   Buttercup Wool Felt Sheet
FLeather-MatteTextCamel   CAMEL Matte Textured
Rib-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Roll
SH-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Sheet
Rifle-WO-CameosRose   Cameos Rose
Rib-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Roll
SH-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Sheet
CarnationPinkLaceFelt   Carnation Pink Lace Felt
Rib-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rifle-LS-CarouselBlush   Carousel Blush
LE-CarrotsonCreme   Carrots on Creme
Chunky-Celebration   Celebration
Rib-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Roll
SH-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Sheet
CementLaceFelt   Cement Lace Felt
Roll-Cement   Cement Roll
Rib-CEM   Cement Wool Felt Ribbon
SH-CEM   Cement Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-Cement   Cement- 3mm
GlitterFelt-Charcoal   Charcoal Glitter Felt
Rib-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Roll
SH-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Sheet
BowChocolateBanana   Chocolate Banana Bows
Chunky-ChocolateBananas   Chocolate Bananas
Chunky-ChristmasElf   Christmas Elf
LE-ChristmasFloral   Christmas Floral
Kaufman-Plaid-Pepper   Classic Plaid - Pepper
Kaufman-Plaid-RedGreen   Classic Plaid - Red/Green
Kaufman-Plaid-RedWhite   Classic Plaid - Red/White
Kaufman-Plaid-Tan   Classic Plaid - Tan
LE-ClassiquesHeart   Classiques Medium Heart
Chunky-ClassyBlue   Classy Blue
Chunky-Clover   Clover
BowClover   Clover Bows
Rib-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Roll
SH-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Sheet
Card   Color Card
Chunky-Confetti   Confetti
GlitterFelt-Copper   Copper Glitter Felt
LE-CoralFlamingoShade   Coral Flamingo in Shade
Rib-COP   Coral Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-PCO   Coral Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-COP   Coral Pink Wool Felt Sheet
CorduroyBlackPinkFloral   Corduroy - Black with Pink Floral
BlackTanCorduroy   Corduroy - Black with Tan Flowers
BlackWhiteDotCorduroy   Corduroy - Black with White Dots
BrownFloralCorduroy   Corduroy - Brown Floral
GrayFloralCorduroy   Corduroy - Gray Floral
MiniFloralCorduroy   Corduroy - Mini Floral
RedFloralCorduroy   Corduroy - Red Floral
RedTanStarsCorduroy   Corduroy - Red Tan Stars
AGF-CottagelyPosey   Cottagely Posey
CrimsonLaceFelt   Crimson Lace Felt
Rib-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Roll
SH-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Sheet
FLeather-CrushedGold   Crushed Gold
Chunky-CrystalBall   Crystal Ball
Chunky-CrystalOpal   Crystal Opal
LE-CuteUnicornRainbow   Cute Unicorn Rainbow in Mint
DIE-DM   Daisy & Mum Dies
tasseldarkblue   Dark Blue Tassel Trim
Chunky-DarkChampagne   Dark Champagne
GlitterFelt-DarkGreen   Dark Green Glitter Felt
3mm-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige - 3mm
Rib-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige Wool Felt Roll
SH-DHBG   Dark Heather Beige Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-DHG   Dark Heather Gray - 3mm
Rib-DHG   Dark Heather Gray Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-DHG   Dark Heather Gray Wool Felt Roll
SH-DHG   Dark Heather Gray Wool Felt Sheet
Chunky-DarkKnight   Dark Knight
FLeather-MatteTextNavy   DARK NAVY Matte Textured
LE-DearHeartNewsprint   Dear Heart Newsprint
LE-DeerTossRed   Deer Toss - Red
Cutter   Die Cutting Machine
DIY-Candy-Cane   DIY - Candy Cane Garland
Kit-ChristmasGarland   DIY Doll Kit - Christmas Garland
Kit-DaisyDandelion   DIY Doll Kit - Daisy & Dandelion
Kit-ElfGirl   DIY Doll Kit - Elf Girl
Kit-HydrangeaLily   DIY Doll Kit - HYDRANGEA & ARUM LILY
Kit-Mrs.Claus   DIY Doll Kit - Mrs. Claus
Kit-Owl   DIY Doll Kit - Owl
Kit-OwlGarland   DIY Doll Kit - Owl Garland
Kit-Penguin   DIY Doll Kit - Penguin
Kit-Santa   DIY Doll Kit - Santa & Rudolph
Chunky-DorothyRed   Dorothy Red
LE-DreamyBunnyTan   Dreamy Bunny Tan
LE-DreamyBunnyWhite   Dreamy Bunny White
AGF-DrippingPaintCooling   Dripping Paint Cooling

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