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Rib-AR   Almost Rose Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-ARO   Almost Rose Wool Felt Roll
SH-AR   Almost Rose Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Roll
SH-AP   Apricot Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Roll
SH-AQU   Aquamarine Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-ARM   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-ARM   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Roll
SH-ARC   Arctic Mint Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AV   Avocado Smith Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AVO   Avocado Wool Felt Roll
SH-AVO   Avocado Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Roll
SH-AZ   Azure Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BAB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Roll
SH-BAB   Baby Blue Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-BP   Baby Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Roll
SH-BEI   Beige Skin Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BE   Berry Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BE   Berry Wool Felt Roll
SH-BE   Berry Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BL   Black Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BL   Black Wool Felt Roll
SH-BL   Black Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BG   Bright Green Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BRI   Bright Green Wool Felt Roll
SH-BRI   Bright Green Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BR   Brown Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BR   Brown Wool Felt Roll
SH-BR   Brown Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-BCP   Buttercup Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-BUC   Buttercup Wool Felt Roll
SH-BUT   Buttercup Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Roll
SH-CAM   Camel Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Roll
SH-CA   Cappuccino Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-CP   Carnation Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Roll
SH-CEL   Celeste Wool Felt Sheet
Roll-Cement   Cement Roll
Rib-CEM   Cement Wool Felt Ribbon
SH-CEM   Cement Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Roll
SH-CO   Charcoal Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Roll
SH-CF   Coffee Wool Felt Sheet
Card   Color Card
Rib-COP   Coral Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-PCO   Coral Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-COP   Coral Pink Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Roll
SH-CR   Crimson Wool Felt Sheet
Kit-Taylor   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Cheery Taylor
Kit-Hayden   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Hayden & Friend
Kit-Matt   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Huggable Matt
Kit-Aidan   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Playful Aidan
Kit-Siena   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Siena & Friend
Kit-Emma   DIY Pocket Doll Kit - Sweet Emma
Ball-AU   Felt Balls - Autumn Set
Ball-FE   Felt Balls - Fiesta Set
Ball-JE   Felt Balls - Jewel Set
Ball-BIG   Felt Balls - Jumbo Balls
Ball-MI   Felt Balls - Mixed Set
Ball-MO   Felt Balls - Moderna Set
Ball-OR   Felt Balls - Orchid Set
Ball-PI   Felt Balls - Pinkalicious Set
Ball-SG   Felt Balls - Shades of Gray Set
Ball-SK   Felt Balls - Sky Set
Ball-SB   Felt Balls - Sunburst Set
Ball-AS   Felt Balls - Ash
Ball-BA   Felt Balls - Barley
Ball-BLG   Felt Balls - Blue Gray
Ball-BP   Felt Balls - Bold Pink
Ball-BG   Felt Balls - Bright Green
Ball-CR   Felt Balls - Carrot
Ball-CHO   Felt Balls - Chocolate
Ball-CF   Felt Balls - Cornflower
Ball-DC   Felt Balls - Dark Coral
Ball-DKM   Felt Balls - Dark Magenta
Ball-DPE   Felt Balls - Dark Peacock
Ball-DAP   Felt Balls - Dark Pink
Ball-DO   Felt Balls - Deep Orange
Ball-DE   Felt Balls - Denim
Ball-DP   Felt Balls - Dusty Pink
Ball-DW   Felt Balls - Dusty White
Ball-HP   Felt Balls - Hot Pink
Ball-JD   Felt Balls - Jade
Ball-LE   Felt Balls - Lemon
Ball-LP   Felt Balls - Light Peacock
Ball-MS   Felt Balls - Moss
Ball-PL   Felt Balls - Plum
Ball-PU   Felt Balls - Purple
Ball-RD   Felt Balls - Red
Ball-SL   Felt Balls - Slate
Ball-TH   Felt Balls - Thistle
Ball-TQ   Felt Balls - Turquoise
Ball-WG   Felt Balls - Warm Gray
Ball-YG   Felt Balls - Yellow Green
Rib-FP   French Peach Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-FRP   French Peach Wool Felt Roll
SH-FRP   French Peach Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-FRM   Fresh Mint Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-FRM   Fresh Mint Wool Felt Roll
SH-FRE   Fresh Mint Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-FU   Fuchsia Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-FU   Fuchsia Wool Felt Roll
SH-FU   Fuchsia Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-GRD   Goldenrod Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-GOR   Goldenrod Wool Felt Roll
SH-GOL   Goldenrod Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-GS   Granny Smith Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-GRS   Granny Smith Wool Felt Roll
SH-GRS   Granny Smith Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-GR   Gray Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-GR   Gray Wool Felt Roll
SH-GR   Gray Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-GRN   Green Felt Ribbon
Rib-GP   Green Pear Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-GP   Green Pear Wool Felt Roll
SH-GRP   Green Pear Wool Felt Sheet
Roll-GRN   Green Wool Felt Roll
SH-GRN   Green Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-HBG   Heather Beige - 3mm
3mm-HBG-0002   Heather Beige - 3mm - 18" X 18" [$20.95]
3mm-HBG-0003   Heather Beige - 3mm - 18" X 36" [$37.50]
3mm-HBG-0004   Heather Beige - 3mm - 36" X 36" [$70.00]
3mm-HBG-0001   Heather Beige - 3mm - 9" X 18" [$12.50]
Rib-HBG   Heather Beige Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-HBG   Heather Beige Wool Felt Roll
SH-HBG   Heather Beige Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-HBL   Heather Black - 3mm
Rib-HBL   Heather Black Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-HBL   Heather Black Wool Felt Roll
SH-HBL   Heather Black Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-HBR   Heather Brown - 3mm
3mm-HBR-0003   Heather Brown - 3mm - 18" X 36" [$37.50]
3mm-HBR-0002   Heather Brown - 3mm - 18" X 18" [$20.95]
3mm-HBR-0004   Heather Brown - 3mm - 36" X 36" [$70.00]
3mm-HBR-0001   Heather Brown - 3mm - 9" X 18" [$12.50]
Rib-HBR   Heather Brown Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-HBR   Heather Brown Wool Felt Roll
SH-HBR   Heather Brown Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-HC   Heather Charcoal - 3mm
3mm-HC-0003   Heather Charcoal - 3mm - 18" X 18" [$20.95]
3mm-HC-0002   Heather Charcoal - 3mm - 18" X 36" [$37.50]
3mm-HC-0001   Heather Charcoal - 3mm - 36" X 36" [$70.00]
3mm-HC-0004   Heather Charcoal - 3mm - 9" X 18" [$12.50]
Rib-HCO   Heather Charcoal Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-HCO   Heather Charcoal Wool Felt Roll
SH-HCO   Heather Charcoal Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-HCH   Heather Chocolate - 3mm
Rib-HCH   Heather Chocolate Wool Felt Ribbon
SH-CHO   Heather Chocolate Wool Felt Sheet
Roll-HEC   Heather Chocolate Wool Roll
3mm-HG   Heather Gray - 3mm
3mm-HG-0002   Heather Gray - 3mm - 18" X 18" [$20.95]
3mm-HG-0003   Heather Gray - 3mm - 18" X 36" [$37.50]
3mm-HG-0004   Heather Gray - 3mm - 36" X 36" [$70.00]
3mm-HG-0001   Heather Gray - 3mm - 9" X 18" [$12.50]
Rib-HG   Heather Gray Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-HG   Heather Gray Wool Felt Roll
SH-HG   Heather Gray Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-HD   Honeydew Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-HON   Honeydew Wool Felt Roll
SH-HON   Honeydew Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-HGRN   Hunter Green Felt Ribbon
Roll-HGRN   Hunter Green Wool Felt Roll
SH-HGR   Hunter Green Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-IND   Indigo Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-IND   Indigo Wool Felt Roll
SH-IND   Indigo Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-IV   Ivory - 3mm
Rib-IV   Ivory Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-IV   Ivory Wool Felt Roll
SH-IV   Ivory Wool Felt Sheet
3mm-KG   Khaki Green - 3mm
Rib-LB   Light Blue Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-LIB   Light Blue Wool Felt Roll
SH-LIB   Light Blue Wool Felt Sheet
Rib-LP   Light Pink Wool Felt Ribbon
Roll-LIP   Light Pink Wool Felt Roll
SH-LIP   Light Pink Wool Felt Sheet

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