Felt Balls - Crystal Blue

Felt Balls - Crystal Blue

25 balls/pack - $7.50
Product Code: Ball-CryBlue
Sizes: 2.5 cm
These felt balls are just absolutely beautiful! They are by far much more uniform in size and color than other felt balls that we have come across. Of course, slight differences in size and color are inherent due to its handmade nature but that just adds to the characteristic of each ball! Use these balls to make wreaths, garlands, brooches, bouquets and more! They are super easy to pierce through with a needle and thread or simply use a hot glue gun to make them stick to most surfaces.For reference, it's approximately the size of a quarter. Felt ball colors are NOT made to match our 100% wool felt sheets, rolls, ribbons. *** Due to it's small nature, these balls should not be used as a toy and should be kept away from children under the age of 4.
These felt balls are imported from a manufacturer in Nepal that practices fair trade. This means they pay fair wages, have good working condition, and do not employ child labor. Azo free dyes are were used to make the balls. Felt balls are handmade with wool fibers. Soap, hot water, and gentle agitation is used to form these felt balls by hand.


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