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Yarn Pom Mix N Match
Yarn Pom Mix N Match

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3 cm - 10 poms - $8.75
4 cm - 5 poms - $7.00
5 cm - 5 poms - $10.25
8 cm - 1 pom - $4.00

Product Code: YARN-POM-MIX

Yarn Pom Size

This is a Mix N Match Listing. Choose the color that you want. See color options below . LEAVE A NOTE AT CHECKOUT.

Overview: Jazz up your garlands with a pop of color from our new yarn pom pom collection! Our yarn poms are a great addition to your DIY garlands. These yarn poms are high quality and super dense which will help it retain its beautiful round shape. Give it a good squeeze and you will feel the density. Then gently fluff to see it bounce back to it's nice round shape. Our exclusive yarn poms have been custom created with our unique specification in weight, size, and custom color! Now we can achieve both soft pastel colors and vibrant rich colors with high consistency in color and size.

Use: Our yarn poms are super easy to string, just like our felt balls. You just need a standard needle and thread and it will stay on the thread without sliding. Squish them together for a tight look or space them apart depending on the look you want. They mix beautifully with our yarn tassels, felt balls, and felted shapes. It will add great depth and style to your garlands for a truly unique look.

Sizes: 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, and 8 cm. These are approximate sizes. How do the yarn pom sizes compare to our felt balls? They are close in size but not exactly the same. Our 4 cm felt ball is not exactly the same size as our 4 cm yarn poms as sizes are approximate. See listing photos for comparison. Each size is sold in specific quantities as shown below.

P01 - Wheat
P02 - Off White
P03 - White
P04 - Black
P05 - Charcoal
P06 - Platinum
P07 - Slate
P08 - Carolina Blue
P09 - Colonial Blue
P10 - Navy Blue
P11 - Royal Blue
P12 - Azure
P13 - Turquoise
P14 - Celeste
P15 - Winter Breeze
P16 - Bright Mint
P17 - Teal
P18 - Quetzal Green
P19 - Laurel Green
P20 - Army Green
P21 - Hunter Green
P22 - Lime Green
P23 - Green Tea
P24 - Ambrosia Mint
P25 - Baby Yellow
P26 - Yellow
P27 - Danelion
P28 - Mustard
P29 - Espresso
P30 - Mocha
P31 - Taupe
P32 - Camel
P33 - Peach Fuzz
P34 - Antique Orange
P35 - Red Orange
P36 - Carrot
P37 - Hot Coral
P38 - Dark Rose
P39 - Antique Rose
P40 - Hint of Peach
P41 - Pink Coral
P42 - Ruby
P43 - Shocking Pink
P44 - Dark Pink
P45 - Mauve
P46 - Light Pink
P47 - Vibrant Pink
P48 - Purple Royalty
P49 - Dark Violet
P50 - Evening Lavender
P51 - Orchid
P52 - Eggplant
P53 - Port
P54 - Crimson
P55 - Red

Color Options: 55 to choose from!

To view our entire collection of yarn pom pom colors , go to: https://www.thefeltpod.com/felt_balls_s/1976.htm
  • * Material - Polyester
    * Dense & Round
    * Strings easily with needle and thread
    * Slight color variation may exist between dye lots

    ** This is NOT a toy. Not for children under 3 as it contains small parts and is a choking hazard.