The Felt Pod
100% Wool Felt for All Your Projects

The Felt Pod is one of the few US based suppliers of 100% Merino felt; no synthetic blends here! Not only are we pleased and proud to be one of these elite few suppliers, but we are also proud to provide our felt wool in over 100 colors, one of the widest number of wool felt colors available. Our Merino wool is imported from Europe, where the best wool is produced. Merino felt is of the highest quality wool usable in crafts; it is the wool closest to the skin of the sheep and is extremely soft. In fact, cutting it is like a slicing a hot knife through butter and, since the edges don’t fray, you don’t have to worry about folding and sewing edges. Other felt wool blends might lead to frayed edges, which can mean more work for the craftsman and lower quality end result. The Felt Pod’s 100% felt wool is perfect for everyone, from those who see felt crafting as a hobby to small shop owners and professional designers. The Felt Pod offers a variety of different categories of felt, such as craft felt yardage, felt ribbons and felt balls, making our felt excellent for a wide range of projects, from sound board insulation to children’s accessories, scrap booking, rugs, wreaths and just about any other project you can think of! In addition, the felt fabric offered by the Felt Pod will lead to durable and long lasting projects. Our 100% wool felt is non-synthetic and ecologically friendly. The felt wool is completely biodegradable, non-flammable and safe for use around babies, children and pets. Other companies might offer wool felt yardage, but many times it is not ecologically friendly or only contains only 20% wool, making the product flammable and dangerous. Additionally, their selection of felt fabric colors is often much less than what the Felt Pod offers. At the Felt Pod, we make a huge effort to supply the highest quality craft felt wool at extremely competitive prices. We’re not only suppliers of quality 100% wool felt, but we are craftsmen ourselves, and after a lifetime of crafting we’ve found that there is no felt better suited for such a wide range of crafts. Your satisfaction and safety are a top concern and, because we care for our customers and their safety, virtually all of our products are Oeko Tex certified for supplying crafting felt that’s safe for everyone, including skin to skin contact with babies! The Felt Pod offers international shipping. And if you would like to sell products made from our felt, contact us to see how we can help you minimize costs!

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