Felt Hearts - Harvest Gold

Felt Hearts - Harvest Gold

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3 cm - $5.50/10 pcs
4 cm - $5.50/10 pcs
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Felt Heart Sizes
Felt Heart Sizes:
Product Code: HEART-HG
Differences between the 3 and 4 cm hearts are slight. We will do our best to select hearts closest to your size preference but on occasion, we are not able to do that and will give you the other size.

These unique felt hearts are perfect for all types of decoration. They string easily with needle and thread to make a banner over a mantle or a garland around a Christmas tree. Scatter them on a table for fun and easy decoration. They are perfect for a DIY project. Given that this is a handmade product, the shape, color, and size may very between hearts.

Due to it's small nature, these balls should not be used as a toy and should be kept away from children under the age of 4.

These felt hearts are imported from a manufacturer in Nepal that practices fair wages, good working conditions, and does not employ child labor. Felt hearts are handmade with 100% wool fibers and wool fibers are dyed using Azo-free dyes. Soap, hot water, and gentle agitation is used to form these felt balls by hand.


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