Felt Balls - Mix n' Match
Felt Balls -  Mix n' Match

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Product Code: BALL-MIX

Felt Ball Size*:

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50 Colors
Sizes: 1.0 cm to 4.0 cm
  • Currently OUT OF STOCK:
    Sweet Blue - 1.0 cm
    Sweet Blue - 2.0 cm
    Dusty Pink - all sizes
    Black - 2.0 cm
    Black - 3.0 cm
    Turquoise - 4.0 cm
    Cyan 1.5 cm
    Brilliant Blue - 2.5 cm
    Gold - 1.0 cm
    Gold - 2.0 cm
    Red - 1.5 cm

    Allow us to choose some pretty colors for your mixed pack or pick the color you want. There are 50 colors to choose from! (10 color max per item ordered)
    1.0 cm - 50 balls - MIX - $6.50
    1.0 cm - 50 balls - PICK - $7.50
    1.5 cm - 30 balls - MIX - $6.00
    1.5 cm - 30 balls - PICK - $7.00
    2.0 cm - 20 balls - MIX - $5.00
    2.0 cm - 20 balls - PICK - $5.60
    2.5 cm - 20 balls - MIX - $6.60
    2.5 cm - 20 balls - PICK - $7.20
    3.0 cm - 10 balls - MIX - $5.00
    3.0 cm - 10 balls - PICK - $5.50
    4.0 cm - 10 balls - MIX - $8.00
    4.0 cm - 10 balls - PICK - $8.50

    * Special note: not all colors are in stock yet as inventory is still strolling in. *
    MIX :
    *This is a random mix of colors that we choose for you. You may receive multiple balls of the same color but we will always try to give you a pretty mix.
    * If you purchase the 2.5cm size from this listing, you may received colors that are not on the 2nd photo. We have 80+ colors in this size, not just 50.

    PICK :
    * If you want to PICK the colors for your felt balls, make sure you leave a note to seller indicating the colors that you want and select the size options that say "PICK" in the drop down menu.
    * Maximum of 10 colors can be chosen per listing purchase, regardless of the size you choose. You will get the same number of balls per color, give or take a ball depending on the number of colors you choose. We will randomly choose among your color list to assign the extra ball unless you specify otherwise. (Example: You pick 6 colors for 20 total balls, we will give 3 balls for 5 of the colors chosen and then give 6 balls for the last color chosen.)
    * The color you list may not always be in stock. We will contact you as soon as possible if the color you choose is out of stock and we will provide you with some good alternative color options.
    * If you purchase the 2.5cm size from this listing, you may pick among the 80+ colors that we sell. To find colors available, look at the shop section "2.5 cm - Single Color."

    These felt balls are just absolutely beautiful! They are by far much more uniform in size and color than other felt balls that we have come across. Of course, slight differences in size and color are inherent due to its handmade nature but that just adds to the characteristic of each ball!
  • Use these balls to make wreaths, garlands, brooches, bouquets and more! They are super easy to pierce through with a needle and thread or simply use a hot glue gun to make them stick to most surfaces.
  • For reference, it's approximately the size of a quarter. Felt ball colors are NOT made to match our 100% wool felt sheets, rolls, ribbons.
  • *** Due to it's small nature, these balls should not be used as a toy and should be kept away from children under the age of 4.