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    DIY Valentine’s Day Décor Supplies

    From red felt sheets to pink felt hearts, you’ll find a complete selection of high-quality wool craft materials to celebrate the Day of Love. There’s almost no better way to express your love than by creating something from scratch, and we have all the pink, red and white materials you could ever need to create the Valentine craft ideas you’ve been brewing up in your mind.

    Whether you want to create a sweet sentiment for someone special, decorate your home and classroom, or sell your own unique creations, you’ll find our crafting supplies make beautiful timeless wool felt valentine decorations.

    If you’re on the search for crafty Valentine’s Day ideas, you could easily string a lovely handmade felt heart garland with our large selection of felted wool hearts. Mix and match colors or add in other felt balls to create something totally your own. Simply pierce any of our felt hearts or balls with a needle and string, and you have a heart garland that will make a festive addition to any mantle. What are you planning to make this Valentine’s Day with our felt? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see!


    RED, WHITE, & BLUE Party Decor Crafts

    Celebrate 4th of July and make the perfect party banners and garlands with our of DIY crafts supplies. We have the perfect red, white, and blue party decor to compliment your 4th of July backyard BBQ. String together some of our handmade felt stars or cut up some sparkly chunky glitter and glitter felt to dazzle your guest!


    Christmas Felt, Fabric and Sewing Supplies

    They say Christmas isn’t just a time or season but a state of mind. There are those who wholeheartedly believe it’s the most wonderful time of the year and might even start humming Christmas carols in October. Hey, we’re not here to judge. We might even be guilty of it too! Whether you’ve proclaimed yourself as Santa’s little helper or you simply appreciate the joy, love and peace that surrounds Christmastime, there’s no denying there’s something absolutely magical about the holiday season.

    The holidays are the best time to create memorable holiday felt crafts, homemade Christmas gifts, or to make Christmas fabric and sewing products to sell for your creative business. This is why we’re proud to announce that our holiday Christmas shop is open! You’ll find a complete lineup of Christmas crafting supplies such as colorful felt, seasonal fabrics, unique felt balls and even an adorable felt character garland.

    You’re able to create handmade felt Christmas decorations such as felt ornaments or string together an assortment of our red, white and green felt balls for a beautiful Christmas garland that effortlessly wraps around your tree! At The Felt Pod, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your Christmas crafts!

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Felt Balls - Thistle Felt Balls - Thistle

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Brilliant Blue Felt Balls - Brilliant Blue

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Sassy PInk Felt Balls - Sassy PInk

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Carrot Felt Balls - Carrot

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Hot Pink Felt Balls - Hot Pink

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Silver Felt Sheet Silver Felt Sheet

sheets & yards

Felt Balls - Dusty White Felt Balls - Dusty White

COLOR: Dusty White
Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Dark Pink Felt Balls - Dark Pink

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Red Wool Felt Balls Felt Balls - Red

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Black Felt Balls - Black

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Purple Felt Balls - Purple

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Silver Felt Balls - Silver

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Candy Pink Felt Balls - Candy Pink

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Stars Med & Large Felt Stars Med & Large

Available in 4 colors
Size 6 cm -$6.00 for 2 Stars
Size 9 cm - $5.85 for 1 Star

Felt Balls -  Heavenly Pink Felt Balls - Heavenly Pink

Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Happy Holidays Pack Happy Holidays Pack

Size: 5" X 18" OR 5" X 36"
4 Colors : Ivory, Metallic Gold, Green, Crimson

Valentine Metallic Braided Ribbon Valentine Metallic Braided Ribbon

1/8" Width - 3 Yards, 5 Yards, or 10 Yards

Classic Plaid - Red/Green Classic Plaid - Red/Green

Bias Binding, Felt Backed,  & Yardage

Classic Plaid - Red/White Classic Plaid - Red/White

Bias Binding, Felt Backed,  & Yardage

Fine Wale Corduroy - Navy Fine Wale Corduroy - Navy

Felt Backed  & Yardage