DIY Valentine’s Day Décor Supplies

From red felt sheets to pink felt hearts, you’ll find a complete selection of high-quality wool craft materials to celebrate the Day of Love. There’s almost no better way to express your love than by creating something from scratch, and we have all the pink, red and white materials you could ever need to create the Valentine craft ideas you’ve been brewing up in your mind.

Whether you want to create a sweet sentiment for someone special, decorate your home and classroom, or sell your own unique creations, you’ll find our crafting supplies make beautiful timeless wool felt valentine decorations.

If you’re on the search for crafty Valentine’s Day ideas, you could easily string a lovely handmade felt heart garland with our large selection of felted wool hearts. Mix and match colors or add in other felt balls to create something totally your own. Simply pierce any of our felt hearts or balls with a needle and string, and you have a heart garland that will make a festive addition to any mantle. What are you planning to make this Valentine’s Day with our felt? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see!

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Red Wool Felt Ribbon Red Wool Felt Ribbon

1/2 inch X 2 yards = $1.75
3/4 inch X 2 yards = $2.30
100% Wool Felt

Felt Balls - Sassy PInk Felt Balls - Sassy PInk

COLOR: Sassy Pink
Av. Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Hot Pink Felt Balls - Hot Pink

COLOR: Hot Pink
Av. Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Red Wool Felt Sheet Red Wool Felt Sheet

8 inch X 12 inch = $2.75/sheet

18 inch X 18 inch = $8.40/sheet
36 inch X 36 inch = $30.00/sheet
36 inch X 72 inch = $55.95/sheet

Felt Balls - Dusty Pink Felt Balls - Dusty Pink

COLOR: Dusty Pink
Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Dark Pink Felt Balls - Dark Pink

COLOR: Dark Pink
Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls - Candy Pink Felt Balls - Candy Pink

COLOR: Candy Pink
Av. Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Felt Balls -  Heavenly Pink Felt Balls - Heavenly Pink

COLOR: Heavenly Pink
Av. Sizes: 1.0 cm through 4.0 cm

Valentine Metallic Braided Ribbon Valentine Metallic Braided Ribbon

1/8" Width - 3 Yards, 5 Yards, or 10 Yards

White White

Double Sided Velvet Ribbon

Cardinal Cardinal

Double Sided Velvet Ribbon


Glitter Felt Balls


Glitter Felt Balls

FAINTLY PINK Matte Textured FAINTLY PINK Matte Textured

Faux Leather

Price: $4.40
Red Glitter Stripe Red Glitter Stripe

Faux Leather

Price: $4.40
Pink Glitter Stripe Pink Glitter Stripe

Faux Leather

Price: $4.40
Fantasy Hearts Fantasy Hearts

Felt Backed Fabric

Price: $4.95
All the Heart Eyes All the Heart Eyes

Felt Backed Fabric

Price: $4.95
Red Wool Felt Balls Felt Balls - Red Dots & Swirls

4 options

Price: $5.50
Felt Balls -  Valentine Pink Felt Balls - Valentine Pink

2.5 cm, 3 options

Price: $5.50
Red Red

Tulle Felt

Price: $5.90
Felt Hearts - 2 cm Felt Hearts - 2 cm

15 colors

Price: $6.00
Felt Balls -  Valentine Felt Balls - Valentine

QUANTITY: 40 felt balls made from 100% wool (10 balls of each color)
SIZE: 2.5 cm (1 inch or size of a quarter).
COLOR: Dusty White, Red, Cotton Candy, Dark Pink

Price: $12.00